Why a blog?

Blogging is something I’ve done off and on over the last few years. All the way back to the live journal and xanga days (anyone remember those things? Are they still living online somewhere!?). As a creative person I need to have some sort of creative outlet. Writing is one of those. But even more than that, I crave community.

Since becoming a mom 4+ years ago, I have seen how lonely “mom world” can be. It’s hard and you constantly question if you’re doing things right, or how do I deal with ______? What should I do when _______? Is anyone else going through this same crazy circumstance as me? Is anyone else’s child as RIDICULOUS as mine?!? (surely I’m not the only one who has said that ….)

I want to create a space, a community, for moms like me. I am so fortunate to have an amazing group of women in my life…wives and moms who are in the thick of it with me. But I know there are a lot of women who don’t. So, hey, you’re not alone mama! Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, a single mom, a mom with one kid, or a mom with 10 kids, we are in this together. I want to share life with you, whether that’s over coffee or over a blog post or Facebook comment or email. If something I share about my life gives you a smidge of encouragement, or a sigh of relief that you’re “not the only one”, then I know that I’m doing a good thing here.

why start a blog

I will always be real. This is not a blog full of awesome hints about how to have a perfect house or perfectly mannered children. I don’t craft or throw fancy parties. I bake ugly cookies. I spend most of my days with dirty hair (seriously, how would I ever get out of the house without dry shampoo?) and dirty floors (when’s the last time I mopped???). But we’re making it! I may not be the most qualified person to give advice, but who really is? I would much rather talk to someone who doesn’t have it all together or have all the answers. I can’t relate to that because that is NOT ME.

So I hope this can be a place for us. That you can come here and laugh with me or cry with me or pray with me. That I can do those same things with you. And you don’t even have to wear real pants or brush your hair to do it (#yogapantsandmessybun #alldayeveryday)!

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