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It’s officially spring! So long freezing cold weather. I won’t miss you. Although I did find a new love for my heated seats in the minivan, I think I will survive until I can switch them on again in November.

The ONLY thing I will miss about cold weather months is the fact that I got to wear leggings and boots pretty much everyday. I love the big sweaters and the scarves and the soft pants. They made getting dressed in real clothes easy. Because let’s face it…leggings are basically socially acceptable pajamas, right?

So now here we are in a new season.

And I don’t know what to wear.

It’s not cold enough for the boots and sweaters that I love. And it’s not quite hot enough for shorts and a tank. Spring is hard for me. I own A LOT of black and gray things, and a lot of solid colors. But I struggle with the bright colors and prints of spring. I just don’t know what to buy, which is why I usually end up with 5 of the exact same solid color shirt in every color offered. Fancy, I know.

Here’s where this awesome thing called a Style Challenge comes in. If you are like me and have wished for a personal stylist or shopper at some point or another, or if you get overwhelmed when it comes to putting an outfit together, this is for you. Or if you just need a reason to buy some new clothes, because who doesn’t?!

The Style Challenge comes from Allison from the Get Your Pretty On blog. She’s a mom who was tired of being stuck in the yoga pants routine so she did something about it. Each season she comes out with a new challenge to help you shop and dress yourself. There’s a capsule shopping list for the season that gets released, and shortly after the outfit ideas come out. It really could not be more simple. Each list is broken down into bottoms, tops, and accessories. Some things are optional and she gives you alternatives to try if you’re not loving something. Super easy. She even has links to some of her favorites at affordable (holla!) prices. I can generally find almost everything at Old Navy or somewhere similar. After you sign up for the list, you’ll get to be a part of a private Facebook group with all the other participants where you can swap ideas for places to shop and outfit inspiration.

So after the shopping list you will get an outfit list which contains 21 outfits! She seriously lays out every piece of an outfit for you using all the things you purchased. There are 21 different outfits! And they are all SO CUTE! So when you’re digging through your closet thinking what can I wear?! you can just pull up your outfit list and you’re done! You don’t even have to think about it. It’s also helped me try out some things I was nervous to try…like boyfriend jeans. And ankle boots. Both of which I LOVE now.

Anyway, I’m writing all of this to say that a new Style Challenge registration opens TOMORROW, March 24! Here’s a sneak peak of a gorgeous outfit:

Seriously? So cute. I am nervous about the hat but I may try it! And I know I will have to replace the heels with flats, because that’s what you do when you’re 6 feet tall and a mom, not a model. But I love the inspiration. That is exactly what I need. Because this stained sweatshirt and stretchy pants ain’t gonna cut it. I don’t want to stay stuck in the mom funk. I want to dress cute and feel good! And this is such an easy way to do that!

If you’re interested, you can sign up here using my affiliate link! Let me know if you’re going to try it out. You won’t be disappointed!!

Sidenote, my mom and my sister do these challenges too, and last season my sister literally had me log in to her Old Navy account and add all of the items to her shopping cart and order them for her. She got everything in the mail a week later and could put together outfits from her list. It could NOT be any easier. And she looked super cute every time I saw her! 🙂

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