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I don’t know about any of you, but a lot of times I feel…well…less than adventurous. I really can be quite content just hanging out at my house watching TV or reading a book. On vacation I like to hang in my lounge chair while the boys are off jumping waves or boogie-boarding. And I’m ok with that! Life is good. Life is enjoyable. But as I’m getting older I’m realizing that I am probably missing out on some fun things. Maybe it’s worth trying new things. Whether it’s possibly finding a new hobby or activity, or just having the experience of it.

This weekend we went with a group of friends to The Marsh Club in Vinton, LA. I really had no clue about it other than my friends were going and we were staying in a nice camp/cabin. Oh and my kids wouldn’t be there (who’s with me on that excitement?!). I was IN. I knew there would be fishing, boat rides, and skeet shooting, but my main plan was sitting on a couch with my best friends and reading magazines and chatting. And sleeping in! Saturday morning we decided to all get up and go watch the boys skeet shoot. And then they asked if we wanted to try! In my head I’m thinking “Umm…no! That’s too scary.” But then I thought….why not? I know some of you are thinking…dude…it’s just a shot gun. But it was kind of a big deal and a big moment for me. I didn’t hit anything, but I still felt successful! I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I probably (definitely) wouldn’t have done 5 years ago. Jonathan was proud of me too šŸ™‚

Me shooting…looking a little bit prissy šŸ™‚ and Jonathan looking WAY more legit than me.
My friend Kat was so awesome. It was her first time shooting, too, and she hit her first skeet! On her first try! Score one for the girls šŸ™‚
Stepping out and committing to a life of good health and fitness is kind of huge for me, too. I’ve always been wishy-washy when it comes to exercise, but this time around it stuck. And I am so incredibly glad. This new venture I’m taking on in encouraging and motivating others is ALREADY so rewarding. I hope to help others find the same passion and motivation that I have found. And really I am about 10 times busier than I used to be now, but it is so worth it. Putting it out there for the world to see and be a part of means I can’t back away or give up. I am so thankful for that accountability, and the encouragement I have gotten from friends and family along the way. It means so much!
I’m not sure what really has changed in me that is making me branch out and do more and different things, but I like it. Maybe it’s being a mom. Or getting closer to 30. I don’t know. I feel like so much of my identity can get wrapped up in mommy world, but I know that I am much more than that and that it’s good to do things for ME. That will make me a better mom, wife, and friend in the long run. And I know that my true identity is in Christ and who HE says I am! I just want to do my best with this life I have here and now, knowing that He loves me the same today as He did yesterday, and nothing I do or don’t do will change that.
So what have you been thinking about trying but are too nervous to take the first step?

Go for it!!!

It never hurts to try, and I really don’t think you will regret at least giving it a go!Ā 

Why not you?? Why not now??
If you feel like you need support or advice in taking the first step, whether that’s deciding to live a more healthy & fit life, starting your own business, or maybe just stepping out of your comfort zone in your friendships, shoot me an email! I would love to talk to you!
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