Stitch Fix Maternity Review

Hey friends! Today I have something a little different for you.

Disclaimer…I am FAR from a fashion blogger. But I am a girl who likes and has to wear clothes, and I figured that most of you were too 😉

I recently bit the bullet and decided to try out Stitch Fix. What finally made me do it is when my friend Mandy mentioned that they had maternity clothes! Who knew?! (Ok maybe y’all all knew, but I was out of the loop.) This may cause me to lose my girly-girl card, but I really don’t like going shopping. I much prefer ordering clothes online versus digging through racks at a store. I think this is a habit born from necessity, as there are practically zero stores that carry pants and dresses long enough for me (I’m 5’11” with a 36 inch inseam). Sometimes it’s hard to even find long sleeves that are long enough. And one-piece swim suits? Forget it. I thought I was going to pee on myself laughing when I tried one of those on in the Target dressing room last year. Picture the boob portion of the suit a few inches north of my belly button basically. Not cute. Not acceptable for public viewing.

All that to say…I don’t like shopping. And trying on clothes in a tiny dressing room with the fluorescent light and all the mirrors just isn’t my idea of fun. Add being pregnant on top of that. No thank you.

So I headed to the Stitch Fix website to check it out. You start by filling out your sizes, and then they ask you about your style and what type of clothes you are looking for (casual, work wear, dressy, etc.) It was easy, and actually kind of fun. They also ask you what your budget is like. I hesitated for a second, but chose “the cheaper the better”. Because that’s just where I’m at, y’all. Especially with maternity clothes.

There’s a $20 styling fee for each box, but if you keep any of the clothes that amount is applied to your order.

A week later I got my shipping notification…and a few days after that…

Happy mail day! Everything was packaged really nicely with the directions right there on the box.

It came with instructions, a price sheet, and a pre-paid return envelope. It also had this print out of all the items in the box and suggestions on how to style them. And look how sweet the personal note in there is!

It was fun trying everything on. Part of me was hoping I’d hate it all or none of it would fit, because I knew it was going to be pricier than my normal clothing budget.

Sadly (or I guess not…) that was not the case! Check out how cute everything is!!

Liverpool Mira Maternity Skinny Jeans

I was seriously doubting that they would send me jeans long enough. But they did! These are super soft and good material. But after walking around in them for a few minutes I was already having to pull them up and re-adjust. And they hit my ankle a little funny and about an inch shorter than I would like. I decided to send these back. I may have kept them if the price point had been a little lower, but $78 is a bit higher than I’d like to spend on maternity jeans. Especially ones that I didn’t LOVE.

Loveappella Shenol Maternity Knit Top

This top was cute, but I didn’t really love the style. And the sleeves weren’t quite long enough. So this one got sent back too. It was $54.

Laila Jayde Macki Space Dye Maternity Knit Top

I think I will probably wear this shirt multiple times a week when the weather is a bit cooler. It’s so soft and comfortable. And not overtly “maternity” so I think it will stay in my closet post-pregnancy too. At $54, it’s a keeper!

Daniel Rainn Pistachia Split Neck Maternity Blouse

How cute is this top?! I think it will transition well from early fall to cooler temperatures. It’s super soft and flowy. I think it will be great for postpartum wear in the spring as well. The price was higher than I really wanted to spend ($68), but I just couldn’t send it back! So in the closet it goes.

Loveappella Great Knit Maternity Dress

Last but not least is this super cute dress! I was a little unsure about it at first, because I don’t normally wear super fitted things. But I feel like during pregnancy is one of those times where you can get away with it. Plus the material is amazing. And it’s double lined, so you aren’t seeing any lines from undergarments or super adorable cellulite showing through like some other bodycon dresses I’ve tried. I was on the fence about this one until I tried it on with some accessories.

Love this casual look for fall! Chambray makes everything cute!

And I think this could work for any upcoming Christmas parties or nicer date nights. Any sweater or vest would pair well with it. I may try it with tights when the weather is cool enough too. The dress was $72. I think the amount of wear I’ll get out of this versatile dress the next 4 months will pay it off!

Overall I’d say the experience was better than I expected. I was planning on just keeping one thing, but I couldn’t say no to the 3 I kept. I don’t know if I will do another maternity “fix” just because I have less than 4 months to go, and I already have some things in my closet. And honestly, as a stay at home mama, I don’t have to get dressed in nice clothes too often, ya know? I think when I get back in shape after this baby I will try it again! And I definitely recommend giving it a try yourself. If you hate it all, you’re only out $20. Not too bad! And if you keep everything you get, you’ll get 25% off the entire order!

Here’s my affiliate link to give it a try if you’re interested!

Also…I paid for everything with my own money. I was not sent anything or given any incentive to review, so my opinions are totally my own!

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments!

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