How I do it all

Hey y’all, I’m Hannah, and I’m kind of a mess!

So anytime someone says to me, “Girl I don’t know how you do it all!” (which hysterically has happened quite a bit recently) I cannot help but laugh! And I think those of you who know me well are probably wondering who in the heck has asked me that. I see your speculative eyes! I would never consider myself someone who “has it all together.” And I don’t just say that to be all humble and self-deprecating. I mean it. I say on an almost daily basis that I need a professional life helper/coach/assistant/person who tells me how to function. There are a lot of things I do, but there are a lot more things I don’t do.

For starters I honestly can’t tell you the last time I mopped my floors. Thinking……..nope. Can’t remember. I do vacuum them at least once a week (sooooo many crushed up goldfish and cheerios). But by the time I’ve done that, I’m over the whole floor-cleaning thing. Someone will just track dirt in anyway, right?

I generally have to count the days since I last washed my hair to see if I can make it another day. Thank you, Jesus, for dry shampoo (amiright? #messybunforlife)

Zero kids’ craft projects happen at this house. Thankfully they go to an awesome preschool where they get to do all kinds of fun things like paint and play with play-doh…because I if play-doh happened over here I would probably have to mop the floor more often #aintnobodygottimeforthat. I think crafts are awesome and so fun, I just can’t handle it for some reason! Because it never goes as planned and makes a big mess and I’d just rather not get into it. We do plenty of other things that make a mess, trust me, just no cute Christmas trees or ghosts or monster trucks made from handprints.

I watch way too much TV. If there is free time in my day, I’m thinking about which show I can binge on Netflix or Hulu (Making a Murderer currently…..WHAT!? craziness. I may or may not have watched some on my phone with headphones in while the boys played today. Mom-extraordinaire here). Speaking of TV, I’d love some new suggestions! What do I need to add to my list?

Unless I physically write something down I will probably forget it. I set reminders on my phone for something I need to remember 30 minutes in the future. If not…it’s gone. I will probably remember it around 11:30 PM when I’m trying to go to sleep. Super helpful.

I am all about some clean & healthy eating, but my kids eat a lot of PB&Js and goldfish crackers. Jesus take the wheel if we are out of either of those things!

For the boys, pants are generally optional unless company is coming over. Seriously, I tell Evan to go put pants on and he asks who is coming? Not sure how I should feel about that.

Dusting? nope.

Making the bed? nope.

Laundry put up the day it gets washed? Usually a nope.

piles of laundry

I think basically you have all just learned that I’m gross and so is my house. Please don’t judge me. I’m sure I’m not alone (hopefully? anyone?).

I’m sharing this, because while, yes, I do do (snicker) a lot of things, that does not mean I have it all together. Not by any means. I feel like I’m in survival mode some days….just trying to make it from wake up time til nap time til bedtime in one piece. I do my best, but some days we all just sit on the couch and watch 15 episodes of Mighty Machines, or the three episodes of Paw Patrol that Porter managed to purchase from amazon over and over (seriously…$2.99 an episode! ridiculous).

Some days I am sniffing a t-shirt before I put it on to see if I can get one more wear out of it (real talk). I never want to give a depiction of a picture perfect life, because that is far from the truth. And honestly that’s why I’m doing this whole blog thing, and sharing my life on social media. Because it’s NOT perfect, and I think that’s ok, and I want you to be ok with your life if it’s a mess like mine. In our pinterest driven world, there is so much pressure to do ALL THE THINGS. And if you can’t do ALL THE THINGS then you’re somehow less-than.

Well listen up, mama. You are NOT less-than because you didn’t send homemade Christmas gifts to each child in your kids’ class. I’m not knocking moms who do that, because some people love that stuff. But let’s take the pressure cooker lid off of ourselves. You just do you! Be who you are, embrace the gifts you have, and live it out. Decide what’s important and invest your time in that. I love Jen Hatmaker’s advice about life as a balance beam. Decide what needs to be on the beam, and know you have the freedom to take things off the beam (if you haven’t read For the Love yet…STOP and go get it immediately. Seriously. Now). Don’t topple yourself over with responsibilities that are not necessary.

On the beam: hanging with my kiddos and husband, time with friends, investing in my creativity

Off the beam: mopping. hair washing. dusting. JUUUUST kidding…kind of 😉

Let me know your awesome list of non-accomplishments like mine! Or maybe some things you really do need to take “off the beam”? I’d love to hear from you.

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  • Courtney - Just binge read your blog while Copeland (who is cutting molars and has a cold) watches DVR’d episodes of Paw Patrol after not letting anyone in this house sleep last night. Thank you for your transparency and for keeping things real in mom blog world! Looking forward to following along 🙂 We still need to get Copeland and Porter together for a play date!ReplyCancel

    • Hannah // Lugimom - Poor Copeland! That’s miserable, so sorry for all of you! Thanks for bingeing the blog haha! And a play date would be great! Just let me know when 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Susan - Just read this Hannah and I’m exactly like you!! I’m tired all the time, maybe its lazy some of both. I feel I don’t give B enough time, don’t cook enough of course she want eat anyway… I am having the biggest PITY PARTY today and did I Say I HATE the weather and WINTER.

    I also want help with pediatrician names. Would love one in prairieville area, I had two people recommend Dr. Guidroz (I think Jennifer) at BRClinic. Also… Looking for a good book/manual that tells you age by age of what your child should be doing etc…. Help please

    Thanks in advance…..crazy tired momReplyCancel

    • Susan - Maybe I don’t understand this website… What does (your comment is awaiting moderation)???ReplyCancel

      • Hannah // Lugimom - Hey Susan! I just have to manually approve comments before they get posted. Just to make sure someone doesn’t post something crazy or Spam without me knowing! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Hannah // Lugimom - Glad to know I’m not the only one! haha! Sorry you are having a rough time. It really is SO draining sometimes. Just know you are NOT ALONE!

      We use a doctor at the BR Clinic too. I think there are some good ones at Magnolia Pediatrics near 42 and Airline. I think that’s the name of it! The only book I know for sure of is one our pediatrician gave us. I bet you could find a good list online somewhere though!

      On another note, B really is a great kid! She is so kind and well-mannered and well-spoken. I know it may not feel like that at home all the time, but kids always show their parents their worse sides. Just remind her who she is and whose she is, and encourage her to act who she is! Love you, sweet friend!!!ReplyCancel

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