Happy New Year

Hey friends! I’m back! I cannot believe it’s been over 2 months since I last posted. The weeks leading up to the holiday season were basically non-stop busy for me. If you don’t know, I am a part-time portrait photographer! And I had sessions scheduled every single weekend from the end of October til the second weekend of December. So I was shooting every weekend and then editing all week long, and I had pretty much zero desire to sit down at my computer once editing was done. It was crazy and fun, and I loved all the families I was able to work with. But I’m thankful for a break! If you’re interested, I did a post on my photo blog last month with a recap of the season! Lots of beautiful families! Check it out here. I also did about 10 commissioned paintings in November and December. It was the most wonderful/most busy time of year for sure.

So now I’m back to full-time mom mode. I am currently 2.5 weeks away from my due date with baby number 3 (insert panic/excitement face).

Physically we are ready. The baby clothes are washed. The crib mattress is raised back up. The diapers are stacked. The rocking chair has been scotch-guarded (both of my boys had ALL THE SPIT UP. So I am preparing for that again. Yay). My hospital bag is packed. The room is even mostly decorated (planning to share photos soon)! But mentally??? Are you ever really ready for a new baby?? Will I ever feel ready for THREE BOYS?

If you know me or have been following my blog, you know that we didn’t initially plan on a third baby. I am so thankful that we changed our minds about that. But I’ve been in the “these are our only two kids” mindset for so long now that it’s so hard to picture what adding a new family member looks like! I’m just so caught up into doing day-to-day life with two young kids that it’s so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we will have three kids in just a few short weeks. I think that’s part of why we haven’t been able to settle on a name. I just can’t picture him yet! I need to see his little face before I can officially give him a name.

Right now I feel like we are just in waiting mode. For some reason babies don’t like to tell you the exact moment they’re going to be born. So rude, I know. My list-making, schedule following brain does not cope with this too well. We don’t have much on our calendars for the next few weeks. I am doing my best to stay on top of house-cleaning and laundry, especially since I’m not working right now. Y’all, I even organized the tupperware cabinet today. Surely that means we are getting close to baby time! I find myself sitting around trying to come up with something to do. Because there is this major thing I’m about to have to do and there’s not really anything left to do to “get ready”. And I’m trying to remind myself that very soon I will not feel bored, and I’ll probably be wishing I could be bored, right? So for now I will just binge watch some Netflix shows, watch my robot vacuum clean my floors for me (my most favorite Christmas gift from my Mother-in-law), and bounce on my exercise ball. And pray that when this baby decides it’s time, we will be ready! I’m not on-board with an unplanned home birth or giving birth in the van as we drive to the hospital, ok Lord? Good deal.

As far as pregnancy goes, this one has been pretty enjoyable!

I was so uncomfortable and had constant back pain during my pregnancy with Porter, so I was scared that was going to happen again. But I really feel pretty good. I am just now starting to do some exercise again now that I’m full-term. I had to stop working out around 30 weeks because I was having contractions and cramping every time I did – even just going for a walk. So I’ve been missing that! I think exercising up to that point really benefited me a lot though, and I’m glad I stuck with it. Hoping it will make getting back in shape a little bit easier this time, too.

The boys are getting more excited as we get closer to my due date. Especially Evan, since he can grasp the concept a little bit better than Porter. I’ll get Porter to talk to the baby and say “I am ready to meet you”, which he has interpreted to “I’m gonna eat you!”. So that should be interesting! HA! I think they will both be sweet big brothers, but I think Porter will struggle with jealousy a bit because he is a snuggly mama’s boy. I’m praying for a smooth adjustment for us all. Also praying for the many many questions that I’m sure will be asked about how the baby came out, and all about breastfeeding. It will be very entertaining to say the least. Bless it.

I know this probably hasn’t been a very exciting to read post, but things have been really quiet over the last few weeks. I promise I will be back with regular content from here on out. It’s been about a year since I committed to this little blog of mine, and it has brought me a lot of joy. I love connecting with such an encouraging community of moms who are walking out this life just like me. If you have any content you’d like to see in the near future let me know! I have fun just word-vomitting what’s going on in my life, but I also had fun doing a few reviews the past few months, too. So let me know what you like!

Hopefully my next post will be with a sleeping baby next to me. Although I know I should probably just settle in for 3+ more weeks of pregnancy. He’ll come when he’s ready.

*family photos are courtesy of Terri Lynn Photography

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