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For those of you who know me in person, you know that my life probably doesn’t look too organized. So I’m not sure I’m the best person to give advice on organizing your life, but this is something I have been working hard at, so I figured I’d share my tips for helping with you! Maybe you are like me and aren’t one of those effortlessly organized people (do those people exist?! Come help me!!). For me it takes work. But the more I work at it, the easier it becomes. Here’s my best piece of advice:
Write things down.

This is probably the thing that helps me more than anything else. I love a list. Well, I really love checking things off of a list, but you first have to make a list to check things off, right? There are a few ways to do this. Obviously first would be a hand written list. But if you’re like me and have little people in your house who like to throw things in the trash or just throw them around the house, or if your memory capacity is equal to that of a goldfish, then a hand written note is easily going to get lost. That’s where the handy dandy iPhone comes in. 
I love how iCloud syncs things between my laptop and my iPhone so I never miss a thing. I put every photo session, party, event, EVERYTHING in my calendar. As soon as I schedule it. I also “invite” Jonathan to things that I need him to be aware of, and he does the same for me. Love it. 
I also keep a ton of lists in my notes app. Here’s what that currently looks like:
Whenever I have a thought or idea about something I’d actually like to remember, I write it down. Meal ideas for the week ahead, upcoming workouts, meals currently in our freezer, etc., etc. Love doing this.
I also use this awesome app called WunderList. I wish I could remember where I found out about this app. It’s great! For those who love a checklist, this is for you. You can create multiple lists for different areas of your life. Here’s mine:
I probably look at this 10 times a day. Especially if I find myself sitting around and thinking there’s probably something I need to be doing (there always is). 
For any mamas of little babies, THIS is the app for you. It’s been a total lifesaver, especially since I feel like I have lost approximately half of my brain cells since Porter was born. He took all of my memory capacity with him when he left my body. The app is called Sprout, and it lets you keep a log of feedings, diapers, sleep, doctors appointments, immunizations, weight and height stats, and milestones. It even offers advice for the week and the month.
My favorite app to use for groceries is called Grocery IQ. The best thing is that Jonathan and I can sync our list. You can add things as you run out or think of something you need. That way when either of us is at the store we have the list with us. And if Jonathan runs to the store I can add things while he is there. Like chocolate 🙂
As we are gearing up to start building our new home, sites like pinterest and houzz have come in handy for me. I am so nervous about being overwhelmed once we start the process of choosing colors, finishes, floors, etc. So whenever I see something I know I like, I pin it or add it to my inspiration board. That way when the time comes I can go look at these boards and clearly see where my eye is drawn and what my overall vision is.

I think that pretty much covers my ridiculous use of apps to keep my life somewhat on track.  I hope this helps someone else out, too. 🙂 
What apps do you use? Any suggestions on better ones or other ones I could be using??
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