Friday Favorites

Happy Friday my friends! I’m back today with a round up of all my favorite things. It’s been a few weeks since my last Friday Favorites post. Sorry about that…sometimes life happens and I can’t manage all the things very well. But apparently I can today, so I’m linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea for a weekly link up of all of the best things we are loving!


First up is this bracelet I got from All the Wire. I’ve been wanting one of these for months and months, because I like the idea of having good life reminders around and near me. So what better than to wear it on your wrist where you will look down and see it constantly (and it pairs so well with my Noonday bracelet, or any other bracelets for that matter)? I settled on “be present” because that phrase encompassed a lot of things I’ve been thinking through lately. Being present with my kids, especially since we are at home a lot for the summer. Being present in my conversations, and in my friends’ lives. And even with strangers I interact with. I just want to be truly present in my own life. So I am thankful that I found this great company that does custom hand-stamped pieces like this. Also it was only around $30! Not too bad. They have a really cute back-story about how they named their company, too. Go check them out! Mine is the skinny cuff in brass.


I posted a while back about wanting to add some good variety to my work-outs. Well I definitely have been doing that thanks to the Tone It Up girls. They have a YouTube channel full of really great FREE work outs. Most are pretty short, but they’re challenging! And you can combine a few together to get a good workout. They also post a daily workout on their website, so if you do well with a plan, this would be great for you! Each day they have 5 moves to go through. You do each one for a minute, then repeat. And then they link one or two of their videos to follow it up with. I am loving it! They do offer some premium content if you want to have access to longer and different workouts, but I haven’t tried those yet. I will forewarn that you have to get passed lots of video intros of these fabulous looking girls running around the beach in their bikinis. I haven’t decided if it’s motivating or depressing yet haha.

I also want to mention that I am starting a 3 week challenge group on June 6th! Prep work starts next week if you are interested. We’ll be focusing on nutrition and daily exercise to help restore your body, gain energy, and lose weight and inflammation. I will probably be using these workouts, so if you need some accountability to get started, shoot me an email!!


Next I have to share these flip-flops with y’all, because you are my people and you need to know about these things (please forgive the state of my toenails. Just keeping it real with y’all as usual). The brand is Yellow Box. My mother-in-law told me about them last summer, and then got me 2 pairs when they were on sale. They are so comfy, and a great go-to throw on shoe when you just want to walk around outside, or not put on tennis shoes with your workout clothes when you go to the store. I’ve worn them to go on our evening walks and they are super comfortable. No blisters, no hurting feet. I know some department stores sell them, but you can buy them straight from their website as well. There are a ton of different and even fancier styles!


Since we are already talking about fashion, I have to tell y’all that the summer style challenge from Get Your Pretty On is starting! Y’all have heard me rave about this already! Imagine someone providing a shopping list for you of all the current trends, and then showing you how to make 21 different outfits with those items. So easy. If you feel like you wear the same thing all the time, struggle to know what to wear at all, or don’t like shopping….go sign up! Or if you DO like to shop, go sign up and use this as an excuse for some cute new summer clothes. Sign up just opened, and registration ends in 2 weeks. The sneak peek outfits I’ve seen are super cute. I am using an affiliate link here, so if you sign up I do receive some compensation. But I’ve been recommending these challenges long before I was an affiliate!


Last, but certainly not least, is this awesome e-course from Natalie, of At Home With Natalie. She created this e-course for mom-bloggers like me. It goes over the basics of starting a blog, post content, ad space, gaining followers, and earning money. So helpful to newbies like me! Trying to navigate this crazy blogging world can be a bit overwhelming. There’s SO MUCH info out there. I like how concise this course is, and that it’s intended for moms! There’s also a private Facebook group for all of the course graduates where we can all connect and ask questions. And Natalie does a live Q&A each month that is really helpful. Natalie has a really great blog with fun content, and I love following her on social media! I think you’ll love her, too. (this course is also an affiliate link)

That’s it for this week! What are you guys loving right now? I’d love to hear some of YOUR favorite things. Let me know in the comments! Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend.

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