Friday Favorites

It’s FRIIIDAYY!! Yeah! It’s that time of the week where I link up with some other awesome moms (Narci, Erika, and Andrea) and share my favorite things this week. You can check out last week’s favorites here. Let’s get to it!

I posted on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago that I was about to start Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. I’d heard people talking about it and knew I wanted to give it a read! I’m a little over half way through it and it has been SO good. If you are wanting tangible ideas about what it looks like to live outside of our comfy Christian parameters then I definitely recommend it. They talk about how they started their church and what it looks like to live “on mission”. A great perspective and hard look at how Christianity tends to look in our current culture. So good. Get a copy here (affiliate link).

Finding the time to read is not always easy and mainly happens a chapter or two at a time every night (which is now over at 11:00 thanks to my monthly goal of earlier bedtime). So I’ve been on a podcast kick! I mentioned this last week, but I just have to say it again because I am LOVING them. My main jam is Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. It’s basically like getting to listen in on a great conversation between two super interesting and inspiring women. At first I was only listening to the interviews with people I recognized (Korie Robertson, Jen Hatmaker, Mandy Rose, Rachel Hollis, and a few others). But I’ve branched out and have just been going down the list of past episodes. It is SO cool getting to hear from women who are doing amazing things and just hearing their perspectives and life experiences. I am so encouraged at the end of each episode. If you’re like me and are thinking “what the heck is a podcast?!” just try it. There’s a podcast app on your iPhone! Search for “Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” and give it a listen. I’m adding being a guest on her show to my life goal list ; )

I have been loving my new shampoo and conditioner from Beauty Counter. It’s sulfate free and infused with plant botanicals. They use ingredients derived from coconut oil and amino acids, since conventional surfactants can irritate skin. I really like that it keeps my hair clean feeling for multiple days, because y’all know this mama only washes her hair like 2-3 times a week. And my hair is a lot less frizzy than when I use other drugstore brand shampoos. Holla! My friend Kandice is my Beauty Counter lady and she is fabulous!

Dove dark chocolate. This isn’t a new favorite, just a rediscovered. I usually have some sort of dark chocolate on hand, but the Dove is just ridiculously good. Perfect amount of smooth and creamy and amazing. And I like getting the individually wrapped pieces because then I don’t eat a million of them. Something about opening a wrapper gives you just long enough to think if you should or shouldn’t be eating it, ya know?? Whatever works!

This is my favorite thing I cooked this week, and it may even end up on next week’s menu. It’s a one skillet meal (the best thing next to the crockpot) from Paleo Newbie. Lots of yummy flavors happening and super easy to make. I used chicken thighs and just baked them at 400 degrees for 25ish minutes with some random seasonings that sounded good (I should write a cookbook I think! Ha!). Click here for the link to the recipe! And let me know if you try it!

How many of you watched “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” when it first came out? Well in case you’ve been living in a hole like me, they’ve made a new series with the original 4 girls called Teen Mom OG. And I’m hooked. I’m currently watching it while I write this. So if you need a new guilty pleasure show I highly recommend it. All of the episodes are on hulu! You’re welcome.

That’s it for this week! What things are you loving this week?? Let me know in the comments! Check out Momfessionals, A Little Bit of Everything, and Grace and Love Blog to link up your own Friday Favorites post!


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