February Goals

Happy February!! Well it’s been a hot-minute since I wrote one of these posts! But a new month means new motivation. I feel like it’s an extra sign that the first of the month is on a Monday! So let’s set some goals for this month. We’ve even got an extra day in February this year so that means no excuses right?!

February Goal Llist

1. Finish 21 Day Fix Extreme and then start it again – I made it through all 3 weeks of 21 Day Fix, and then started Extreme last week. It is definitely a step up from the original, but it’s a good thing! I have 2 weeks left starting today, but I plan to go through another 3 weeks of it once I’m finished. I definitely do better with accountability when it comes to my workouts!! I need someone to make sure I’m sticking to it, so feel free to ask me 😉 I will probably run another challenge group this month to coincide with this. Let me know if you want some info about that!

2. Paint the office desk – Did you see the super embarrassing office picture I posted a few weeks ago?!

messy office before picture

Awful. Well, we got it mostly cleaned out, so now it’s time to start making it cute!! I am thinking gray is the best option, but would love any other opinions! Jonathan is the main one who uses the desk, so nothing too girly 😉

3. Have at least one date night – This is SO needed! I am writing it down here in hopes that we will make that happen this month. Life just gets to be too crazy sometimes. February 4th actually marks the 10th anniversary of our first date! How cute is that? 🙂 Look at those babies (us circa 2007)!!

4. Donate toys and clothes – I have a box full of clothes in my closet and the back of my van is full of toys. I need to actually drop them off!! I am a big believer in purging junk frequently!

5. Go to sleep before 11:00 every night – I used to do a good job at this, but lately I have found it creeping towards midnight before I finally shut it down for the night. My brain and body need more sleep than that!

6. Figure out Valentine’s treats for kids’ classes – Any suggestions on something easy to do??? For a 2 year old class and a 4 year old class. I don’t want to go overboard with the candy!

What goals are you setting for yourself this month? Let me know in the comments! We can help hold each other accountable. I will check back in on how this month goes when I post next month’s goals.

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  • Amy - Hey girl! I love your goals 🙂 I pray you can have fun trusting Jesus and letting Him guide you through this month!!ReplyCancel

    • Hannah // Lugimom - Thanks girl! He helped me come up with these 🙂ReplyCancel

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