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pallet project

DIY pallet sign

If you know me, you know crafts and hands-on projects are not my forte’. I can paint, I can hand letter, and I can take photos. But building things…nope (#cantevencutastraightline). Now if you’ve met my husband then you know that he is Mr. Handy-Man. If he doesn’t know how to make something, he figures it out. I seriously did not know how lucky I was when I met him! He pretty much always has a project of some sort going on, and an on-going list of all the projects he wants to do. We were looking at that list the other day, and I saw that many of the items on there were random projects I mentioned I wanted to do. I may have gotten a little teary eyed when I realized how much he is paying attention, and makes my ideas his own!

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff! This past weekend was “check projects off the list” time. Since we just had to unexpectedly buy a brand new washing machine (not what I wanted to spend $700 on), we decided to try to pick something cheap to do.

I’ve been wanting to find a way to give the kitchen a little “something something” as far as decor goes, but since it’s an open concept kitchen, there aren’t really any walls to put things on. The biggest space is the wall over the pantry.

I’ve seen some really cute “EAT” signs on pinterest, and have almost bought letters multiple times during a Hobby Lobby trip. But I never saw anything I loved.

Cue Husband.

We’ve got a ton of scrap pallet wood in the attic, because of course we do. So I showed Jonathan some ideas I’ve seen on pinterest, and he went a grabbed some wood!

First step was measuring the space where the sign was going to go to figure out how wide each letter should be. Basically we measured it, subtracted 2 inches for each space between the letters, then divided by 3.

Next up was measuring the height on the boards, and cutting them to size. If you don’t have a table saw or a compounding miter saw, a hand saw will work just fine! You only have a few cuts to make.

Please disregard the disgusting amounts of sawdust. Like I said, Jonathan does A LOT of projects 😉

The E and the T were pretty easy to measure and cut since it’s just straight lines. A was a little trickier.

We cut the 2 long pieces, then worked to figure out what angle they needed to be to have the right width and have room for the line across the middle.

Once we got the angle right, we just marked where each needed to be cut at the top to make it straight across.

We made another mark where it needed to be trimmed to fit together to lay flat. You can see the line on the piece on the left.

After that, we cut the piece for the middle (the screwdriver is what he used to mark it because we couldn’t find a pencil. Skills, y’all).

Next up we laid everything out and used wood glue to piece together each letter.

Then we used a nail gun to secure them. We tried a staple gun first, but they wouldn’t quite go through all the way since the wood pieces aren’t totally flat. He used a 5/8 inch nail and shot it at an angle to connect the pieces without going through the front.

You can see the staples in this picture. We ended up ripping them out after we nailed it together.

And, voila! The cutest handmade EAT sign you’ve ever seen.

To get it ready to hang, you can use these picture hangers on the back, or just do what we did and drill notches in the back for the nails in the wall to fit into.

I love how it turned out, and I love that it was basically free to make. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my white kitchen, but I think this helps give it a little more pop.

Side note: Jonathan made our counter stools too, but we haven’t gotten around to painting them yet. So I will have to do an update once those are finished!

Have you tried any DIY projects with pallets?? I just love that the wood has the perfectly aged look. And it’s free if you see it next to a dumpster or ask a business that has some out if you can have one! Let me know if you like these types of posts, too! We’ve already got a coffee table in the works and I’d love to share plans for how to build it!

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