Don’t Lose Yourself

“Mommy! Mommy? MOMMY!??” “Ma-ma. ma-ma. ma-MA.”

This is basically the soundtrack of my day. I remember looking at Jonathan a few weeks ago and  telling him it was weird to hear someone say my name. I very rarely do hear it! I am mostly “mommy” and when Jonathan’s home I’m “babe” (which I do like, don’t get me wrong now).

I feel like I get so wrapped up in being “MOM” that it’s easy to forget that I am a person, too. “Mom” to me is a very good person to be, but it can be a little overwhelming and even suffocating at times. I know my identity as a child of God, the identity in my Spirit which is the most true thing about me. But I still have a soul, a personality, which is who God made me. He has given me gifts, talents, things I enjoy, and things I don’t (i.e. seafood… #worstLouisianianever). All of that has been designed with a purpose and intention. It doesn’t define me, but it’s a big part of what makes me ME.

I think as a mom it’s easy to forget that I have things  I like besides watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates all day (yo ho!). And that while I do love being able to do it, I don’t necessarily love singing Twinkle Twinkle 10 times in a row or blowing bubbles until I am about to pass out.

So when’s the last time I did something for ME? If I’m going to be a good mom to my kids, don’t I also need to take care of myself?? For me a lot of times that means finding a creative outlet. Sometimes I feel like if I don’t unleash some creativity for my own personal enjoyment, not just in a coloring book with Evan or because someone is paying me, that I might go crazy. God has made me a creative person. What a waste to forget that or put it on hold for 10+ years while I am raising kids. Wouldn’t it benefit them to see their mom pursuing her passions and nourishing her talents? The best way to lead is by example. Don’t we want our kids to flourish and to find what makes them tick? Show them that it is ok to do that! That it’s ok to do something because you love it, not just because you have to.

Moms, wives, women in general…we don’t have to put ourselves on the back burner. You are important, and you are worth investing time in. Your ideas and talents are important, and the world needs them! You are beautiful and you were created with so much love and intention by a God who is crazy about you. So don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new. Don’t use “mom” as an excuse or a crutch. Yes, our jobs as moms are VERY important and were also given to us with intention. Just remember that before you were “mommy” or “babe” that you were YOU. Don’t lose YOU.


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