Well, moms, we did it. The most wonderful time of the year is behind us. I’ve actually even managed to get it all boxed up and in the attic during the first week of January. That may be a first, although I think Christmas lights are totally acceptable through January (no shame).

This is the first year since having kids that we’ve really gotten into the whole Christmas tradition spirit. Evan is 4 years old and is starting to really “get it”. Jesus’ birthday, Santa Claus, advent countdown, the whole shebang. SO fun, y’all.

The preschool sent home a little countdown for us to hang on the fridge, and the first thing Evan asked every morning of December is “what number December is it?!” Adorable. I hope he stays that excited for Christmas for a very long time because it’s the best.

For the first time ever, we went to see Santa this year. I thought about doing it every year with Evan, but knowing he would cry and freak out just stressed me out. But this year he was excited so we went for it.

Porter was CLEARLY a huge fan. I mean, they may be BFFs, right? Evan did love Santa thankfully, and told him he wanted “fast cars, paper airplanes, crayons, and a Christmas tree with cookies.” I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull off that last one, because what? What does that even mean? #4yearolds

We came home from seeing Santa, and our Christmas Elf had appeared on the shelf (MAGIC! or I buckled them in the van then ran back inside and stuck the elf on the shelf). Last year Evan lovingly named our Elf “Woof”. Like the bark sound. He’s hardcore. And before anyone starts a “the elf is horrible and the worst ever” rant, our Elf is not too fancy. He doesn’t bring presents, he doesn’t report to Santa how good or bad the boys were everyday. He just sits on things. The mantle, the Christmas tree, the pantry shelf, the dining room light, etc. etc. You can go ahead and pin that idea if you want (you’re welcome).

Fast forward to Christmas Eve…. last year we made the decision to split Christmas Eve and Christmas day between my family and Jonathan’s. We used to spend the morning and lunch at one house, then drive to the other for the evening and dinner…and I ended up hating Christmas by the end of it when we were driving home at 9:00 at night with 2 screaming kids. So, now we split it! We do Eve at Jonathan’s family’s and Day with mine. So much more relaxing and enjoyable!

Christmas Eve is loud and crazy and so fun with Jonathan’s family. There’s 7 kids total (next year there will be 11!!! Jonathan’s sister and her husband are adopting 4 kids from the Philippines! woo!). COUSINS!

The boys with their Mimi and Paw

We had so much fun spending the day with them, and we made it back home in time to leave some cookies for Santa Claus, and read our favorite Christmas book.

#themilkisreallyeggnog #mightnotgetawaywiththatnextyear #carrotforrudolph

I LOVE CHRISTMAS MORNING! I mean look at these faces.


We don’t really go over the top with Christmas presents. Evan’s birthday is a few weeks before Christmas, so I’ve really maxed out on the amount of new toys I can handle by the time Christmas rolls around. And as my friend Emily puts it, 3 presents was good enough for baby Jesus, so it’s good enough for us. So yeah, we shoot for around 3! Presents from us are wrapped, presents from Santa are not #aintnobodygottimeforthat. If you look closely you’ll see the fast cars, the paper airplane, crayons, and 2 cookies on the tree (woo!).

After an hour or two, my family came over and spent the day with us. We played, we brunched, we all wished we had gotten our own set of magformers for Christmas. It was a great day!

I love that we are starting to make traditions for our little family. Some things I want to do next year are to take the boys out to get presents for each other and for Jonathan. I can’t wait to see what they pick, and I want them to get excited about GIVING, not just getting. Hard balance! Also, I did try to read the Christmas story to them during breakfast, but it was a hot mess. We will work on that again next year and pray it sinks in. Jesus trumps Santa in this house!

I hope your family had a very merry Christmas as well! Let me know some of your favorite holiday traditions!

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