Chalkboard Paint Projects

Hey ladies! It’s already the first Tuesday of the month again, so it’s time for another Ready, Set, Craft Challenge! I’m linking up with KellyEmilyAmber, and Kerry today to share a post with a craft project where we all use the same material. This month’s material is…

chalkboard paint!

Who doesn’t love a chalkboard?? It’s such a simple way to add some fun to your home. I’ve seen everything from entire walls painted with it, to little bitty drink tags. All of it is is fabulous!

Today I just wanted to share two of my DIY chalkboards I’ve made for our house. All you need to make your own is a can of chalkboard paint (I got mine from Home Depot) and some kind of surface to paint it on! A little goes a long way.

The first chalkboard I made was on an old mirror. It used to attach to a vanity I used as a kid. It was a little too girly to use in either of my boys’ rooms, so I decided to repurpose it.

Word of advice…make sure the paint is completely dry before you paint a second coat, and use a soft brush and a soft hand. The paint will peel off the glass pretty easily.

My second chalkboard is made from an old door! We cut the door in half with the intention of using it as a headboard and footboard, but it wasn’t wide enough. I knew I could use it for something, so I made Jonathan keep it in the garage for months. Then it hit me…chalkboard paint! At this point he was starting to get concerned about coming home to half the house covered in chalkboard paint, but he let me go with it 😉

Jonathan added the 4 hooks on the bottom, and voila! The perfect entry way art.

I like to change out the quote every few weeks. It’s such a simple way to constantly have positive reminders and inspiration on your walls, and you’re not spending a ton of money on new art work!

I am by no means a chalk artist, but there are always great ideas on pinterest. I also have the book “The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering” by Valerie McKeehan, which has step by step instructions and inspiration! I definitely recommend it!

That’s it for this month! Use the link below to add your post to the link-up, and join us next month on the first Tuesday when we share a craft made using family photos!

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