Happy Friday! I thought this picture was pretty appropriate for us here in the mom-blog world. I know teenagers come with their own set of hard issues, but I am very much looking forward to them sleeping in on the weekends so that we can too.

This week has been a fun one! This was the boys’ first full week of school, so it’s been nice to get back to a regular routine. They both love going to school! Porter only goes 2 days a week, so we have to have the talk about that every time we go drop Evan off by himself. Porter wants to go every day!

I can’t even process how much they have changed since the first day of school last year. Look at Porter’s little baby face!!

On Monday we got some very exciting news…We are having another baby BOY! Not hard to believe considering the two cutie little boys we already have 🙂 I would have been in complete shock if this baby had been a girl.

Jonathan and I found out the news after our doctor’s appointment that morning. We had them seal up the ultrasound photo for us to open once we left so we could find out by ourselves. We opened it in the parking lot of the party store where we going to buy the balloon and confetti. Very special and sentimental, right? 😉

Both of us were nervous to open it up…just because it’s one more step towards the reality of us actually having three kids! My emotions fluctuate between excited and totally freaked out (thankfully mostly excited). I wanted us to be by ourselves to open it so I could have whatever reaction I wanted to in privacy…just in case I felt disappointment. If you read my post about all of the emotions of adding kids to our family a few weeks ago, you’ll understand! I am very glad to report that I have not felt the least bit disappointed in the news of a third boy! I am thrilled! Although I feel a little nauseated when I think about three teenage boys living in my house one day haha (the smell of 3 boys…the amount of groceries we will have to buy). Both boys are excited too. Porter doesn’t quite get it yet, but Evan is pumped about there being 3 brothers. He told me the other night that when he turns 6 years old God is going to put another baby brother in my belly. I’m just praying he doesn’t have the gift of prophecy. I think I will have to move to the crazy house if we have 4 children. This crew has me pretty content.

Baby boy is still unnamed. We have a few ideas, but aren’t ready to commit to any name just yet. We still have about 19 weeks til he gets here so there’s no rush.

I am happy to still have my “boy mom” status. We are already thinking about the fun things our future holds with this little tribe of men. We can’t wait to see what he looks like and what his personality will be! I am already praying for wisdom on how to raise these boys into men who love Jesus. That’s the best thing I could ever hope for them.

I’m also praying for awesome future daughters-in-law 😉 Can I get an amen?

I hope all you mamas (and any other sweet friends who follow along with this blog) have an awesome weekend! Tomorrow is Evan’s first day of SOCCER (#soccermom). I’ll let you know how that goes! Can’t believe we are at the stage of extra-curricular activities already. God bless it.

See y’all next week!

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