Two days in a row?! Who am I???

It’s been an interesting morning so far. Firstly Porter slept all night…yay! This would be great and I should feel super rested, except there was a crazy loud thunderstorm in the middle of the night and our power went out. Sleep is a precious, precious gift, and when the one thing that has kept you from getting it is resolved, nothing else should be allowed to interfere. That’s just not fair, right??? Glad I’m not alone in this thought. So needless to say it was kind of hard to hop out of bed this morning, but I knew coffee and my green smoothie were on the horizon. Before I could make it to either of these things, the power went out AGAIN. Nooooo. Not cool, world. Not cool. Of course this is accompanied by Evan asking for me to turn the lights on over and over and asking to watch Elmo. Every. two. minutes. Anyone know how to explain electricity to a 2 year old?? I just said it was broken, and he finally accepted that answer. He also spent half the morning asking for either a “penguin” or a “pink one”. Not sure which. He led me to his room to show me and pointed at a sock behind his bed. Ummm. Ok. He seems to have forgotten about the pink penguin for now. Hopefully it doesn’t come up again because I am helpless when it comes to finding nonexistent items. I wish there was google translator for 2 year old language. Maybe I could invent that. I think I would be rich!!

Also checked my email and noticed an email from myself. Hmm…don’t remember sending that one out. Turns out many months ago my yahoo email was hacked and my contacts compromised. I deleted the account but people still get emails from “me” with links to random garbage. How does this happen??? What is the purpose in spam emailing people? I really kind of want to punch whoever is responsible for it. Get a life, dude.

Ok. End rant.

Thankfully the power came back on around 10, and I was able to make my delicious cup of coffee. I don’t know if any of you like to experiment with coffee, but let me recommend something to you. I brew my coffee, add about a tablespoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of coconut sugar and throw it in my ninja blender cup. Blend for about 3 seconds. The oil emulsifies and makes a delicious cup of creamy coffee. I know some people do this with butter too which sounds delicious, but I’ve been taking a break from dairy for the past few weeks to see if I notice a difference in how I feel. Anyhow, something about the coffee + healthy coconut oil fat = lots of morning energy! Add a green smoothie to your morning routine and you are ready for the day. I think this is what kept me going throughout the end of my pregnancy and the first few months with a newborn. That and maybe a glass of red wine at night, amiright?

That’s it for today! Hoping for a productive day even though we are stuck inside. “It’s too raining” as Evan would say. I agree.

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