April Goals

Well I don’t know how the heck it’s been a whole month since I last wrote one of these. But the calendar confirms that it has been. Let me start off by recapping last month’s goals!

1. Donate the dang toys and clothes! I did it! It may have gotten done yesterday and only because I couldn’t bring myself to admit I hadn’t done it yet again. Whatever works, right?

2. Read two books. Done! I read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and “I Said Yes” by Emily Maynard Johnson (former Bachelorette who I love!). Both were great reads. I really enjoyed a lot of the insights from “Big Magic” but I was kind of ready for it to be done by the time I was getting close to the end. “I Said Yes” was great because I love Emily. It was interesting to hear her story and get some behind the scenes info from her time on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. It made me so happy for her and where her life is now.

3. Date night! We had a date!

The second picture is one of the many ridiculous faces Jonathan makes when I try to get a picture with him. We tried out a new restaurant and then went and got coffee and browsed around Barnes and Noble. We’ve also been trying to sit and eat dinner after the kids go to bed instead of at the same time as them a couple of times a week so we can be more intentional about catching up and talking about life. It’s been good!

4. No social media on the weekends. I did pretty good with this! I am running a challenge group right now so I had to check in on Facebook occasionally on the weekends. I just opened it through my computer or the browser on my phone instead of the app. One weekend I forgot to delete the apps until Saturday afternoon. But other than that it was a success and I enjoyed it!

5. Decorate/finish the the office. This was a real cute goal to set. I don’t know what I was thinking. It did motivate me to get started in there, but it’s definitely not finished. Here’s a little bit of an update though.

6. No wheat, no dairy. I wish I had stuck to this better!! I would say I did it about 75%. But I know I would be feeling so awesome right now if I had stuck to it 100%. Here’s to a new month.

So let’s move on to April!

1. More writing – I unintentionally, or maybe subconsciously, put writing on the back burner last month. I needed to take a breather from ALL THE THINGS and focus on what was going to make me less stressed feeling. Because my attitude was kind of blah for a while there. But now I know how to make time for writing and “balance” it with my life. Writing is such a good outlet for me and I love being able to connect with people, especially other moms in similar life seasons. So yes, more writing this month. I’m not going to set a certain amount of times per week just because I don’t want to force anything or turn it into something less than what I intend it to be. So look forward to hearing from me a bit more this month!! On that note, what kind of things would you like to hear about?? Please share some thoughts in the comments, or send me an email if you have anything you’d like to share. I would love that!

2. Start working on family photo album – Last year was the first year I actually managed to make a photo album for the year. Something I’ve been intending to do since I was pregnant with Evan. Clearly I’m a great goal conqueror. I put the whole thing together at the end of the year and it was a lot of work. It would be a a lot easier if I worked on it a little bit each month. I’ll share a post soon about how I organize my photos and make the album! I really have loved having our 2015 album out on the coffee table!

3. Office decor – This feels a bit more realistic now that I’ve gotten started on it. Maybe next month I really will have finished it and I can start doing some house tour posts. I really want to conquer our half bathroom, but I’m hesitant to make it a goal just yet until I can get Jonathan on board 😉 #shiplapallthewalls #fixerupperstyle #justcallmejoannagaines

4. Add and schedule workout variety – After I set my monthly goals last month, Jonathan challenged me to run 30 miles in March. Y’all…I’m not a runner. It’s not something that I love. But I did it! And I did kind of love it #cantbelieveI’msayingthat. Mainly because it meant getting to leave the house by myself for 30 minutes everyday after Jonathan got home from work. I’d turn on a podcast and hit the road. And I ended up being able to run 2.5 miles straight….which may not seem impressive to some of you marathon runners, but it was good for me! So this month I need to add some variety back in to my workouts and not just straight running cardio. Not sure what this will look like yet, but I will share my schedule if I find a good one!

5. In bed by 10:00, up by 6:00 – I am now one of those crazy people who wake up early. I really am not a morning person in the typical sense of the word. I don’t want to talk or chat or go for a run. But waking up early, which I’ve done very consistently this past month, has been a game changer for me. I usually get up at least an hour before the boys. And I either knock some things off my to do list, get some work done, or just read a book. I set the coffee pot up the night before so I am able to get out of bed and walk straight over to it and pour a cup. Having that hour of quiet and uninterrupted time to start my day is AWESOME. It has helped me SO much. My attitude is better throughout the rest of the day, because I’m waking up on my terms instead of being woken up and having 2 little people need a million things from me before I’ve even gotten a chance to get my eyes all the way open. I’ve done pretty good about getting in bed early enough to not make it miserable to wake up early, but I could do better!

6. Bring a meal to another family – This is something that is definitely easy to get done if I am just intentional about planning it. I get at least two emails a month from the church to sign up to bring a meal to someone who needs it, so no excuses. I love the times someone has brought us food. We got meals right after having each of our kids and it was a huge blessing. So I want to pay it forward.

7. Organize master closet – If you’ve got some tips for this I’d love to hear them. Honestly if I just go through and get all the clothes on hangers it will be an improvement. I do well for a while, and then by the time I’ve put up everyone else’s laundry I’m over it and mine just get piled on top of the dresser. It’s folded so it’s not getting wrinkly. But it is definitely less than ideal. I need a better system this month! If I tackle this one early on in the month I can move over to the boys’ closets.

That’s it for this month! What’s on your to-do list for April? Share it in the comment section below 🙂

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