Hey friends! I’m Hannah! I’m a wife and a mom of 2 sweet boys, with a 3rd boy on the way! If you’re wondering about the name “Lugi-mom”, you’ll need to know that my last name is Lugibihl (loo-guh-bill…..yep). When Jonathan (my hubs) and I got married, we became “The Lugibihls”. This quickly turned into us becoming “The Lugibaybays”, “The Lugiboos”, etc. etc. Fast forward a few years and we became parents! We were having our first “Lugibaby”, thus becoming “Lugimom and Lugidad”. The name has been quite handy, and we now have two (soon to be 3) kids, the “Lugiboys” as I like to call them – Evan, Porter, and “baby brother”.

So yes, I’m Hannah, the Lugimom herself.

I’m a full time stay-at-home-mom and a part time portrait photographer and painter. I can’t make it through the day without Jesus, a cup 2 cups of coffee and a green smoothie. And peanut butter. And dark chocolate (#allthethings). I watch way too much TV, and I love reading in all of my non-existent spare time. My days are filled with temper tantrums, Disney movies on repeat, asking people if they need to go potty repeatedly, stepping on legos, and lots of hugs and kisses. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
Since becoming a mom nearly 5 years ago, I have seen how lonely “mom world” can be. It’s hard and you constantly question if you’re doing things right, or how do I deal with ______? What should I do when _______? Is anyone else’s child as RIDICULOUS as mine?!? (surely I’m not the only one who has said that ….)
I want this to be a space, a community, for moms like me. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, a single mom, a mom with one kid, or a mom with 10 kids…we are in this together. I want to share life with you, whether that’s over coffee or over a blog post or Facebook comment or email. If something I share about my life gives you a smidge of encouragement, or a sigh of relief that you’re “not the only one”, then I know that I’m doing a good thing here. I hope you will come here and laugh with me or cry with me or pray with me. And I hope I can do those same things with you. And we don’t even have to wear real pants or brush our hair to do it (#yogapantsandmessybun #alldayeveryday)!
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