A Day in The Life

Hey friends! Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. Life, ya know?

Honestly I’ve just been busy with photo sessions and painting lately, and that has taken up most of my “work” time, so the blog got the back burner (sorry blog!).

But today I’m back for a fun link up with Momfessionals. It’s “Show and Tell Tuesday” and this Tuesday’s topic is “a day in the life”, where I am just going to share my day (yesterday) with you!

I want to preface this by saying that Mondays are our most boring day…sorry. It’s generally our only day where we don’t have to be anywhere, so we like to just hang at home and be lazy! So without further ado…

My day started by me snoozing through my first alarm at 5:50, and then being woken up by Jonathan singing in the shower around 6:20. I hopped out of bed and went straight for the coffee.

I then went and got all the laundry thrown in the washing machine. Getting it done first thing in the mornings helps me not forget about it until bedtime (because I am notorious for having to run things through the wash cycle multiple times before they make it to the dryer)!! Then I sat in the office and got some photo editing done while Jonathan worked at his desk.

I like being able to sit in here with him in the mornings. We don’t usually talk because: 1. we are working and 2. I am not a morning chatter. This was around 6:30, and then I started hearing the boys’ little voices calling for “mommy!” around 7:15.

Evan had already run into the playroom for some Lego time! They played for a bit and then I started making breakfast. We are oatmeal fans in this house. And they eat the same serving size as me! I add flax and strawberries or raisins to theirs, and flax, chia seed, walnuts, and strawberries to mine.

Love this view. After breakfast it was time for them to get dressed which resulted in Evan semi-meltdown number 1.  He wanted to wear a blanket, not a shirt. So it was totally justified.

And some crazy Porter antics. This is where I found him after I got done dealing with the shirt/blanket drama.

He’s very into the underwear over diaper look these days! Today he chose the Nemo pair. I chased him down to get a shirt on him, and shortly after this happened while I was in the bathroom.

Not sure how he managed to get the tricycle inside. He’s good.

Next up daddy added some chain length to their swings so they could actually swing on them. We love our handy man and this fabulous play set he built over the weekend!

Lots of playing with all the favorite toys today.

I took advantage of play time to get some painting done.

And then some chores. I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but I use the vacuum to clean all of our floors rather than a broom. Trying to sweep brick floors is obnoxious, so vacuuming just feels more efficient and effective. This Dyson is awesome.

The state of the house today. So fancy.

Evan helped me put away his and Porter’s laundry. He was more excited about it than he looks, promise.

Then daddy had to leave to go to the plant, and it was snack time for me and “Aladdin” watching time for the boys.

Then it was time for lunch! PB&J was on the menu. And of course some veggie straws.

After fussing at Porter for getting up from the table before he was done approximately 15 times, it was nap time! 

And time for big brother to rest on the couch. Today he chose to watch Star Wars (episode IV). He loved it! Future nerd in the making!

Once he was settled, I went and did my workout for the day! Cardio and leg intervals today. It was no joke. Lots of sweat. Jello legs.

Fixed my lunch and watched some HGTV for a few minutes after that. Then got some more photo editing done. I saved time to finish up the laundry after that.

I went and woke Porter up around 3:30. I don’t think he was quite ready to be awake yet. But I love how snuggly he is after a nap!

Please note the chewed up crib. This is the result of baby teething. Hopefully the paint was non-toxic???

I got a few minutes of that before it was time to get outside. They love to walk with me to check the mail!

We spent a while outside after that. I fixed a big glass of green tea because I needed some caffeine!!

Then daddy came home! Woo! He checked on all of our veggies with some great help from Romeo. That dog is so ridiculous.

While they all played, I headed inside to paint for a few more minutes. I just had to share my fancy painting set up in the middle of our kitchen. Maybe one day I’ll have a better space for this…

I don’t grocery shop on Mondays since the boys are home with me, so Monday dinners are something super simple or leftovers. I had leftover chicken so I did a stir fry with it and this bag of frozen grains and veggies from Trader Joe’s. Evan said “Ohh I love this!”. Victory! Porter needed a little help but he liked it too.

Then we all headed back outside. Which was great….

Until someone had to go to time-out which resulted in a major meltdown.


Didn’t need a clock to tell me it was time to get ready for bed. Jonathan handles baths at our house. I don’t know why, but it’s one of my least favorite things. Maybe because I’m generally DONE by the end of the day. Anyone else with me on that??

Jonathan told Evan he had “grocery store feet”, but he was pretty adamant that he didn’t because he hadn’t gone to the store that day. I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad when they understand sarcasm one day.

Both in bed by 7:30! And we didn’t have to go in and fuss or threaten anyone, so that’s a major win in my book!!

Once they were in bed, Jonathan headed outside to get some yard work finished and I finished up the floors. This dust buster is my new BFF. I used it just to do some spot cleaning before I mopped.

As soon as that was done I set up the coffee for tomorrow morning and packed the boys’ lunches.

Sorry, nothing Pinterest-worthy here. I don’t feel too bad about the chicken nuggets they get in most of their lunches since they’re all-natural and whole grain. Better than some other options, right?!

I then headed straight to the shower (no I didn’t wash my hair…did that on Saturday so it’s still got some life left it in…God bless you dry shampoo).

Washed and treated my skin with my favorite products from Beauty Counter. I use the Counter Time line!

And then snuggled up next to this guy on the couch for some snacks (him: chips and salsa, me: apple and peanut butter) and Netflix time (season 2 of Daredevil)!

He’s clearly thrilled about me taking his picture.

In bed by 10:00 as usual. Cause I really like to sleep. And if I want to wake up early and not overly grouchy, I gots to get my sleep!

I hope I haven’t lost too many of you by this point. But that’s a typical Monday for us at the Lugi-house! Hope you enjoyed tagging along on our day. It was fun taking the time to document what life looks for us most of the time.

Head to Momfessionals to check out the rest of the link-ups from other bloggers, or share your own! In 3 weeks we will be “show and telling” our personal style, so stay tuned!

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